Trilogy Season is Upon Us; Season 3 of Beats, Beds & Browns

It’s been a wild ride from our humble beginnings, a Covid Crisis that allowed our emcee Joe Skibbie the opportunity to find conversations during Pandemic Shutdowns. Fast forward three years, two launch concerts, and a Farm Internship later and you have us at our current standing: A growing Ag Advocacy Brand looking to give away 100,000 heirloom seed kits over the next 10 years.

With your help, we’ve given out over 1,000 seed kits via our website, at Earth Day events, and distributed at Mobile Food Pantry’s throughout the region. We strongly believe that no one should go hungry when food is all around us and so easy to grow… not without challenges, but easy to grow.

To that end, we look to expand our effort with this year’s Season Three Interviewees. Culled from the best emerging Hip-Hop artists throughout The Region, Garden Interests from Homestead Ag to Commercial Ag, and Bourbon and Whiskey Distillers, I present to you our slate of interviewees.

  • Jaylin Wade
  • Ganawae
  • Jesse Zien Two Eagles Distillery
  • John James Windy City Mushroom
  • Chef Sakari Smithwick
  • Heavy Crownz
  • FarmHer Carmen Oases Botanic Garden
  • Pastor Curtis Whitaker Faith Farms CDC

Thanks and Happy Planting!

If you would like to stay tuned, follow us on your social media of choice @beatsbedsbrowns. If you decide you wish to plant seeds, visit us at 

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