Beats, Beds & Browns, a Region based music promotion, ag education and event coordination company is proud to announce their #100Kin10Yrs initiative. The goal of this initiative is to distribute 100,000 Free, Organic, Heirloom seed kits over the next 10 years.

Skibbie and ConstantLBurts after chopping it up

Started as a platform for emerging hip-hop artists, gardeners from homesteaders to commercial ag interests, and brown spirits distillers, Founder Joseph Skibbie identifies the numerous opportunities around addressing food insecurity and food scarcity issues. What started as a way to share his passions, has emerged into a cause where Skibbie feels he could make a meaningful contribution.

“The joy I feel when I’m gardening is immeasurable, the relaxation it provides is equally important. As more people are struggling with mental health, physical exercise, healthy eating and more, gardening is a way to address all of those. If we can get people working towards growing their own food and eating the fruits and veggies they produce, we can make a much bigger impact than you would imagine from a simple seed kit giveaway.”

Growing your own fruits and vegetables produces edibles with more nutrients, requires less transport and refrigeration and can create community where none currently exists. It really is a panacea to a number of issues currently faced by society.

“If we can make the world a better place and listen to dope artists, and educate ourselves on whiskey and bourbon distilling… I can’t imagine it getting any better.”

This is a family friendly brand, “my wife and kids are always assisting with ‘my hobby’ as they call it, but we end up making grape jam, canning tomatoes, fermenting ciders, and watching the birds and insects drawn to our native plants.”

Those interviewed onsite get garden tours of Skibbie Farm (a 1/2 acre residential site in a subdivision)

Our small ½ acre plot is an National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat which means that we have native landscapin g, a water source, and we don’t put chemicals all around our yard. We have just under 300 sq. feet of raised bed garden and numerous fruit vines and trees with more on the way. We’re actively looking at increasing the amount of native landscape as well as adding more permaculture gardening ideas.

Join us, share with your friends, grown your own!    

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