The Best Emerging Artists, Garden Interests and Distilleries; Season 4 of Beats, Beds & Browns

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

We were recently reminded of our first season and the nervous anticipation of those initial interviews. We were very green, in every sense of the word. Now, as we enter our fourth season of interviews, we are changed. We are finding our audience of artists, gardeners and distillers. We’ve honed in on our mission as a growing Ag Advocacy Brand looking to give away 100,000 heirloom seed kits over the next 10 years.

With your help, we’ve given out over 2,000 seed kits via our website, local rap concerts, at Earth Day Celebration events, Stray Dog Social Celebrations and distributed via Mobile Food Pantry’s throughout Chicagoland. We strongly believe that no one should go hungry when food is all around us and so easy to grow…not without challenges, but easy to grow. We believe great music sets a mood of positivity and an outlet for challenging discussions. Most importantly, we believe that tipping some brown is the best way to celebrate life’s routines, happenings, and occasions.

To that end, we look to expand our effort with this year’s Season IV Interviewees. Culled from the best emerging Hip-Hop artists throughout The Region, Garden Interests from Homestead Ag to Commercial Ag, and Bourbon and Whiskey Distillers, I present to you our slate of interviewees.

Lock them in the calendar and join us via livestream on the dates and times listed below. Jump in to the conversation, ask questions and be part of the gardening revolution we’re attempting to grow. You can find our livestreams at the date/time combinations below at @beatsbedsbrowns on Youtube.

Season IV Beats Beds & Browns

03/13 7PM Mr Misfit
03/20 7PM Rufus Sims
04/03 7PM Ruben Ramirez
04/10 7PM Dallas Glazik Silver Tree Beer & Spirits
04/17 7PM Paul Coughlin Taconic Distillery
04/24 7PM Glenda George-Green Baby Greens Family Farm
05/01 7PM Joel Q
05/08 7PM Jesse Steward Jr. Alexander James Whiskey

Thanks and Happy Planting!

If you would like to stay tuned, follow us on your social media of choice @beatsbedsbrowns. If you decide you wish to plant seeds, visit us at Use the hashtag #100kin10yrs to share your gardening wins and losses. We’d love to see your progress. Share with us on social media and tag @beatsbedsbrowns.

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